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Something More Austin is an offline dating institute that helps individuals find right partner. It’s a certified matchmaking service known to have helped several people find their other half.


Serving Busy Professionals

Something More Austin: The Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

Time is a valuable asset these days, and finding the time to volunteer may seem like a daunting task. But carving out even a small amount of time can have a major impact on both the volunteer and the organization receiving the help. Following are several reasons why volunteering is good for the soul:

Volunteering Helps to Foster Connections

Giving time to causes you strongly believe in is a way to connect with like-minded people.Others volunteering their time also believe deeply in the cause and the impact it has in the community. Your time is well spent as you connect with those who seek to make a difference.

The Opportunity to Learn Something New

While you may be the one giving your time, you may also be receiving something in return—new skills. Learning new skills in a field that is unfamiliar is a great benefit; make the most of your volunteer time by embracing any opportunity to learn.

Finding Your Passion

We may not all be able to work at a dream job day to day, but volunteering for a cause that we are passionate about is an option with volunteer opportunities available in virtually every arena. Your volunteer experience may just open the door to your true calling in life, and perhaps even your dream job.

Julia McCurley has had a lifelong interest in volunteering and has devoted her time to many different organizations. Since moving to Austin in 2003, McCurley has donated countless hours to causes she believes in such as the Texas Advocacy Project, the Women’s Symphony League, and the Zachary Scott Theatre Board. She also supports the March of Dimes, Boys and Girls Club, American Heart Association, the Center for Child Protection and the American Cancer Society. McCurley is the owner of Something More Austin, a premier offline matchmaking service.


Why Traditional Matchmaking is Still a Great Option in the Digital Age

We may be in the technological age where anyone can hop online and create a dating profile, but matchmakers still offer a viable way to meet your mate the old fashioned way.  Following are top reasons why a matchmaker may be the best option when looking for that ultimate love connection:


Internet Overload

With all the online options out there for finding a date, getting overwhelmed and frustrated is an easy trap to fall into. Having someone who specializes in the field to personally guide you through the process, can offer a great sense of relief and offer a clearer path to meaningful connections.


Making True Connections

Not only are there a magnitude of dating sites, along with them are an overwhelming amount of profiles to sift through.  Many of these profiles include pictures that don’t truly represent the individual, along with information that isn’t exactly forthcoming. Having a real person who is a professional matchmaker guide you through the process of meeting another real person eliminates much of the deceptive nature of internet dating.


Truly Ready to Commit

Online dating sites offer a great place to start for those wanting to make connections, but as sites have become more prolific, so has the casual nature of many using the sites.  While matchmaking services do come at a cost, those who secure matchmakers are showing their true commitment to finding a partner.  This bodes well for everyone involved in the matchmaking service.


Julia McCurley opened Something More Austin, a professional matchmaking service, in 2009.  McCurley was a successful recruiter for almost two decades when she decided to follow her dream of becoming a professional matchmaker.  McCurley became a Certified Professional Matchmaker through the Matchmaking Institute and soon after opened Something More Austin. After just five years in business, Something More Austin has become a premier offline matchmaking service, offering boutique style services that have helped countless couples create successful relationships.

Texas Advocacy Project

Texas Advocacy Project aims to end domestic violence, sexual and physical assault, and stalking by protecting victims with free legal services.  The group provides services throughout the state of Texas, working with law enforcement, safe shelters, courts and victims to maintain long-term solutions to help end the cycle of violence.

Texas Advocacy Project began in 1982 as a legal hotline, with three lawyers donating their services.  It quickly became clear that domestic violence was the number one reason for calls to the hotline, with women throughout the state seeking legal advice to help with abusive situations.

The project grew to specialize in domestic violence issues and today helps thousands of victims from all backgrounds each year.

Texas Advocacy Project provides critical services to victims by helping them to navigate the legal system free of charge.  Legal protection (such as a restraining order) in the instance of domestic violence, has proven to reduce the instance of a repeat assault by 80%.  All of the services provided by the Texas Advocacy Project aim to empower victims by giving them the tools to incorporate long term solutions in their lives.

Legal services are offered through the following programs: protective order packets, free legal hotlines, technical advocacy, emergency protective order program, Texas Justice Initiative, Teen Justice Initiative, Legal Access Initiative, LGBT Initiative, and Assisted Pro Se Program.

Texas Advocacy Project receives funding through a variety of sources.  Major corporate donors and foundation funders include Accenture, Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation, Attorney General of Texas, Criminal Justice Division, Office of the Governor, RGK Foundation, Shield-Ayres Foundation, the Allstate Foundation, Allstate Insurance Company and the Meadows Foundations. Yearly fundraisers also help to fund the programs and services provided by the Texas Advocacy Project; special events include the Black and White Ball, Handbags for Hope, and this year, Badgers Pint Night. A myriad of private donors also contribute to the Texas Advocacy Projects success at bringing legal services to all those affected by domestic violence.

Julia McCurley has been a volunteer with Texas Advocacy Project for the last five years as both a board member and as the chair of the group’s annual fundraiser, the Black and White Ball.  McCurley is the owner of Something More Austin, a successful boutique matchmaking service.

The Matchmaking Institute

Matchmaking is defined as the practice of bringing two compatible people together, usually with the goal of marriage.  The Matchmaking Institute was founded in 2003 by Lisa Clampitt, CSW, as a vehicle for providing the tools and standards for those wishing to bring couples together through the process of matchmaking.

The Matchmaking Institute is one of the few authorities in this newly emerging field, with all members trained in providing ethical and trustworthy services.  The Matchmaking Institute also seeks to promote the reputation of the industry by creating higher standards and bringing training to those entering the field.  In this day and age when matchmaking has become a more mainstream and accepted method of finding a mate, quality control is more crucial than ever in the business.

The Matchmaking Institute has lead both novices and experienced matchmakers in their proven program, creating and refining the skills necessary for success in the field. Becoming a Certified Matchmaker through the Matchmaking Institute involves a three part process, starting with the Home Study Kit.  The kit contains a myriad of information to help guide students through the intricacies of launching their own matchmaking business.  The second part of the process is a 3-day training course, taught by experts from the M1762atchmaking Institute.  The final step is the creation of a business plan, followed by a one on one review with a business coach from the Institute.  The Matchmaking Institute offers continuing support after initial training, including yearly conferences and matchmaking technology software programs.

Julia McCurley opened Something More Austin in 2009.  McCurley was a successful recruiter for almost two decades when she decided to follow her dream of becoming a professional matchmaker.  McCurley became a Certified Professional Matchmaker through the Matchmaking Institute and soon after opened Something More Austin. After just five years in business, Something More Austin has become a premier offline matchmaking service, offering boutique style services that have helped countless couples create successful relationships.


Something More Austin – A Whole Different Matchmaking Service

Something More in Austin offers single professionals a whole different kind of matchmaking service. Founder and CEO Julia McCurley offers a unique and specialized matchmaking service in Austin. Instead of pairing singles together through some computer program and offering the same as every other dating service in the city, Julia McCurley screens her clients personally and pairs them with other like-minded singles. Her focus on quality instead of quantity has made her the most successful matchmaking service in the city. For over eighteen years, Julia McCurley worked in the IT industry as a corporate recruiter, and today she uses those recruiting skills to match hearts and create loving couples. Julia is a certified matchmaker from the Matchmaking Institute.

At Something More in Austin, not everyone that applies is selected but Julia carefully chooses her clients and screens them individually before matching them with other singles. Julia makes sure that those she selects are a good fit for the rest of her clientele. Her matchmaking service specializes in exclusive and discerning people who are looking for more than just a dating service. In the last five years since its founding, Julia’s matchmaking business has seen a four hundred percent success growth. Clients who use Julia’s matchmaking service can rely on the human touch that makes a difference when it comes to finding the right person.

Something More in Austin is the only offline certified matchmaking service in the city. Julia believes that providing a specialized matchmaking service is what is needed to change the romantic atmosphere in Austin.

Something More Austin – Finding Time for Love

Something More in Austin was started by Julia McCurley in 2009, and for the last five years has been helping busy professionals in Austin find love. While many professionals find it hard to set aside time from their work and go on a date, but Julia McCurley helps them find time for love. Unlike other virtual matchmaking businesses, founder Julia McCurley works to match like-minded individuals and give them the opportunity of meeting one another and starting a lasting relationship.

As a former headhunter in the IT industry, Julia knows the importance of finding like-minded people to pair them together. As much as it is hard to work with two colleagues who don’t share the goal, it is also hard to expect two individuals to enjoy a relationship together if they don’t have anything in common. Something More Austin takes extreme care not to join two individuals on a “blind date”, but match individuals who share things in common. Julia McCurley takes care of the hard work by asking all the awkward questions about habits, values and lifestyle before pairing up two individuals. Through this, the clients can focus on “their chemistry” and not worry about asking each other unnecessary questions.

Even before she founded Something More in Austin, Julia McCurley was busy helping people find love. She was actively involved in pairing up like-minded people even when she was the corporate recruiter in the IT industry. After starting Something More in Austin, Julia says that she is now finally living her dream job. Her skills and professionalism in bringing busy singles together and helping them find true love has made her a very popular person in Austin.

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