There is little doubt that many first dates can become extremely awkward. People often don’t know what to say and what to do throughout the course of a date. There is also the aspect of getting to know a person, as well as determining whether they are, in fact, a good match for you. This brings up an interesting challenge, one that includes introductory questions designed to allow each individual discover things about the other over the course of the date itself.

Looking for a match often requires multiple dating sessions and multiple questions, mostly because each individual doesn’t want to find out about something crucial about the other later on, something that may make only serve to tear down the relationship somewhere down the line. When it comes to those with busy professionals who are seeking love and relationships, yet are consumed by hectic, time-consuming professional schedules, there simply often not enough time to work through all of the background information, or to properly vet a potential first date, while simultaneously capturing what may seem like that ever-so-elusive romance.

One interesting modern option that has been around for a number of years is the presence of online dating sites. These dating sites often match individuals based on a number of questions and questionnaires, those that are presented to individuals who wish to describe themselves based on their values are and what they’re looking for. Thanks to massive advertising, awareness of these types of sites is very high in the minds of the public. What people don’t find out until it’s too late, however, is that these types of sites can also be very impersonal. The aspect of asking questions within an online forum, and making statistical matches from those questions, is missing a dimension of couth and discretion for many people. One reason for this is an individual’s expectations. There are many people who come into the online dating game with high expectations, and yet they don’t possess the kind of perspective they need to make a successful and lasting connection.

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