Time is a valuable asset these days, and finding the time to volunteer may seem like a daunting task. But carving out even a small amount of time can have a major impact on both the volunteer and the organization receiving the help. Following are several reasons why volunteering is good for the soul:

Volunteering Helps to Foster Connections

Giving time to causes you strongly believe in is a way to connect with like-minded people.Others volunteering their time also believe deeply in the cause and the impact it has in the community. Your time is well spent as you connect with those who seek to make a difference.

The Opportunity to Learn Something New

While you may be the one giving your time, you may also be receiving something in return—new skills. Learning new skills in a field that is unfamiliar is a great benefit; make the most of your volunteer time by embracing any opportunity to learn.

Finding Your Passion

We may not all be able to work at a dream job day to day, but volunteering for a cause that we are passionate about is an option with volunteer opportunities available in virtually every arena. Your volunteer experience may just open the door to your true calling in life, and perhaps even your dream job.

Julia McCurley has had a lifelong interest in volunteering and has devoted her time to many different organizations. Since moving to Austin in 2003, McCurley has donated countless hours to causes she believes in such as the Texas Advocacy Project, the Women’s Symphony League, and the Zachary Scott Theatre Board. She also supports the March of Dimes, Boys and Girls Club, American Heart Association, the Center for Child Protection and the American Cancer Society. McCurley is the owner of Something More Austin, a premier offline matchmaking service.