We may be in the technological age where anyone can hop online and create a dating profile, but matchmakers still offer a viable way to meet your mate the old fashioned way.  Following are top reasons why a matchmaker may be the best option when looking for that ultimate love connection:


Internet Overload

With all the online options out there for finding a date, getting overwhelmed and frustrated is an easy trap to fall into. Having someone who specializes in the field to personally guide you through the process, can offer a great sense of relief and offer a clearer path to meaningful connections.


Making True Connections

Not only are there a magnitude of dating sites, along with them are an overwhelming amount of profiles to sift through.  Many of these profiles include pictures that don’t truly represent the individual, along with information that isn’t exactly forthcoming. Having a real person who is a professional matchmaker guide you through the process of meeting another real person eliminates much of the deceptive nature of internet dating.


Truly Ready to Commit

Online dating sites offer a great place to start for those wanting to make connections, but as sites have become more prolific, so has the casual nature of many using the sites.  While matchmaking services do come at a cost, those who secure matchmakers are showing their true commitment to finding a partner.  This bodes well for everyone involved in the matchmaking service.


Julia McCurley opened Something More Austin, a professional matchmaking service, in 2009.  McCurley was a successful recruiter for almost two decades when she decided to follow her dream of becoming a professional matchmaker.  McCurley became a Certified Professional Matchmaker through the Matchmaking Institute and soon after opened Something More Austin. After just five years in business, Something More Austin has become a premier offline matchmaking service, offering boutique style services that have helped countless couples create successful relationships.