Texas Advocacy Project aims to end domestic violence, sexual and physical assault, and stalking by protecting victims with free legal services.  The group provides services throughout the state of Texas, working with law enforcement, safe shelters, courts and victims to maintain long-term solutions to help end the cycle of violence.

Texas Advocacy Project began in 1982 as a legal hotline, with three lawyers donating their services.  It quickly became clear that domestic violence was the number one reason for calls to the hotline, with women throughout the state seeking legal advice to help with abusive situations.

The project grew to specialize in domestic violence issues and today helps thousands of victims from all backgrounds each year.

Texas Advocacy Project provides critical services to victims by helping them to navigate the legal system free of charge.  Legal protection (such as a restraining order) in the instance of domestic violence, has proven to reduce the instance of a repeat assault by 80%.  All of the services provided by the Texas Advocacy Project aim to empower victims by giving them the tools to incorporate long term solutions in their lives.

Legal services are offered through the following programs: protective order packets, free legal hotlines, technical advocacy, emergency protective order program, Texas Justice Initiative, Teen Justice Initiative, Legal Access Initiative, LGBT Initiative, and Assisted Pro Se Program.

Texas Advocacy Project receives funding through a variety of sources.  Major corporate donors and foundation funders include Accenture, Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation, Attorney General of Texas, Criminal Justice Division, Office of the Governor, RGK Foundation, Shield-Ayres Foundation, the Allstate Foundation, Allstate Insurance Company and the Meadows Foundations. Yearly fundraisers also help to fund the programs and services provided by the Texas Advocacy Project; special events include the Black and White Ball, Handbags for Hope, and this year, Badgers Pint Night. A myriad of private donors also contribute to the Texas Advocacy Projects success at bringing legal services to all those affected by domestic violence.

Julia McCurley has been a volunteer with Texas Advocacy Project for the last five years as both a board member and as the chair of the group’s annual fundraiser, the Black and White Ball.  McCurley is the owner of Something More Austin, a successful boutique matchmaking service.