Matchmaking is defined as the practice of bringing two compatible people together, usually with the goal of marriage.  The Matchmaking Institute was founded in 2003 by Lisa Clampitt, CSW, as a vehicle for providing the tools and standards for those wishing to bring couples together through the process of matchmaking.

The Matchmaking Institute is one of the few authorities in this newly emerging field, with all members trained in providing ethical and trustworthy services.  The Matchmaking Institute also seeks to promote the reputation of the industry by creating higher standards and bringing training to those entering the field.  In this day and age when matchmaking has become a more mainstream and accepted method of finding a mate, quality control is more crucial than ever in the business.

The Matchmaking Institute has lead both novices and experienced matchmakers in their proven program, creating and refining the skills necessary for success in the field. Becoming a Certified Matchmaker through the Matchmaking Institute involves a three part process, starting with the Home Study Kit.  The kit contains a myriad of information to help guide students through the intricacies of launching their own matchmaking business.  The second part of the process is a 3-day training course, taught by experts from the M1762atchmaking Institute.  The final step is the creation of a business plan, followed by a one on one review with a business coach from the Institute.  The Matchmaking Institute offers continuing support after initial training, including yearly conferences and matchmaking technology software programs.

Julia McCurley opened Something More Austin in 2009.  McCurley was a successful recruiter for almost two decades when she decided to follow her dream of becoming a professional matchmaker.  McCurley became a Certified Professional Matchmaker through the Matchmaking Institute and soon after opened Something More Austin. After just five years in business, Something More Austin has become a premier offline matchmaking service, offering boutique style services that have helped countless couples create successful relationships.