Something More in Austin was started by Julia McCurley in 2009, and for the last five years has been helping busy professionals in Austin find love. While many professionals find it hard to set aside time from their work and go on a date, but Julia McCurley helps them find time for love. Unlike other virtual matchmaking businesses, founder Julia McCurley works to match like-minded individuals and give them the opportunity of meeting one another and starting a lasting relationship.

As a former headhunter in the IT industry, Julia knows the importance of finding like-minded people to pair them together. As much as it is hard to work with two colleagues who don’t share the goal, it is also hard to expect two individuals to enjoy a relationship together if they don’t have anything in common. Something More Austin takes extreme care not to join two individuals on a “blind date”, but match individuals who share things in common. Julia McCurley takes care of the hard work by asking all the awkward questions about habits, values and lifestyle before pairing up two individuals. Through this, the clients can focus on “their chemistry” and not worry about asking each other unnecessary questions.

Even before she founded Something More in Austin, Julia McCurley was busy helping people find love. She was actively involved in pairing up like-minded people even when she was the corporate recruiter in the IT industry. After starting Something More in Austin, Julia says that she is now finally living her dream job. Her skills and professionalism in bringing busy singles together and helping them find true love has made her a very popular person in Austin.