Something More Austin has been creating happy couples in Central Texas for more than five years. It is a unique matchmaking service that specializes in bringing together like-minded people in a confidential and sophisticated way that is completely offline, so clients can rely on the human touch that makes all the difference when it comes to matters of the heart.

happycoupleSomething More in Austin was founded by Julia McCurley in the summer of 2009. Matchmaking has always been her special, inborn skill. For eighteen years she applied that skill to the corporate world, where instead of hearts she matched people to jobs as a corporate head hunter.

But she decided that eighteen years was enough, and that what she really wanted to do was follow her passion. And Something More in Austin grew out of that decision. “My proposition is different to what’s out there,” Julia McCurley says, “in that we don’t accept everyone that applies, therefore maintaining the quality of our clientèle. We also employ an executive recruiting model meaning we do a custom search for our clients to provide them exactly what type of person they are looking for.”

Julia McCurley says that she does all of the heavy work for her clients, personally screen applicants to see whether they are a good fit with the rest of her clientèle. She says that they don’t take just anybody; Something More in Austin specializes on exclusive and discerning people really are looking for something more. “We offer safety, privacy, exclusivity, time saver, and quality service.”

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