Something More Austin has reached its five-year milestone. The one-of-a-kind matchmaking service founded by Julia McCurley in July 2009. The five-year mark – by tradition, its wood anniversary – is quite an achievement for only locally owned private matchmaking service in Austin.

Julia McCurley is a certified matchmaker, so recognized by the Matchmaking Institute in New York. She has always had the ability to match friends and family. But it was a personal thing; by training she was a corporate Recruiter and Business Development Executive in the IT industry. She did that for eighteen years before briefly retiring in 2007.

something more austin

But early retirement was not for Julia McCurley. She decided to harness her passion for matchmaking to become what she now calls a headhunter for the heart. Julia McCurley is only half-joking when she says that. “One couple at a time, we are changing the romantic landscape of Austin,” she says.

At Something More in Austin, Julia McCurley personally interviews applicants. She has high standards for her clientele. “We specialize in bringing exceptional, like-minded professionals together in a confidential and sophisticated manner.” Since opening its doors, Something More in Austin has facilitated the introductions of nearly two thousand couples. Hundreds of them have stuck.

There is a down side to the business. Julia McCurley says that sometimes, she has to tell a client that their date doesn’t want to see them again. But that doesn’t happen too often; her goal, she says, is to be in the last first-date business.

Julia McCurley is a 1987 graduate of the University of Puget Sound, where she studied communications and business.