Something More in Austin was founded by Julia McCurley five years ago. And like what she hopes to bring to each and every one of her clients, it was a match made in heaven.

Finding love and happiness for her clients, says Julia McCurley, is her true calling in life. She always had the ability to match friends, family and acquaintances, even during the eighteen years she spent as a Recruiter and Business Development Executive in the IT industry. After a brief retirement in 2007 she had the brainstorm that led to Something More in Austin, the city’s only locally owned and operated offline, personalized matchmaking service.

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“At Something More, we offer valuable insight and feedback to help our clients create successful dates that lead to relationships,” Julia McCurley says. “In addition to professional matchmaking, our services include wardrobe consultation, date coaching, flirting techniques, and so much more. We take our client relationships very seriously, because their emotional love life is serious to them – and to us.”

The clients at Something More in Austin are single professionals, many of whom have been discouraged by chance meetings or virtual introductions. At Something More in Austin, says Julia McCurley, the client can relax while she does all the work. Julia McCurley personally interviews all clients who contact Something More in Austin. She has a rigorous selection process for the members who are accepted. She knows that each client is serious about meeting a life partner.

Julia McCurley enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and reading. She is married, and loves to spend quality time with her family.

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