Something More in Austin has been in the matchmaking business now for five years, and there is every indication that they are in for another five great years – and maybe a whole lot more.

“We have had a four hundred percent growth success that is based on the fact that many people are seeking a more targeted approach to finding romance in the youthful, hip city of Austin,” says founder and Chief Executive Officer Julia McCurley. She opened the doors to Something More in Austin on July 9, 2009, and it has been a success story from the word Go.

something more austin - happy couple

Julia McCurley spent eighteen years in the corporate world in Austin, primarily as a Recruit and Business Development Executive in the IT industry. But she always knew that she had a knack for bringing people together. Now, instead of hunting for suits, she says that she has become a headhunter for the heart.

“At Something More, we offer valuable insight and feedback to help our clients create successful dates that lead to relationships,” she says. “In addition to our exclusive professional matchmaking services, other services include wardrobe consultation, date coaching, flirting techniques, and so much more. We take our client relationships very seriously, because their emotional love life is serious to them – and to us.”

something more austin - finding love

The clientele of Something More in Austin is professional, upscale, and very discerning, says Julia McCurley. She hand-picks each client after a thorough interview and assessment. And it is that attention to detail that has been the key to the success of Something More in Austin. Each client, she says, can rely on the confidential and sophisticated process that Something More in Austin finds them a match.

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