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Something More Austin is an offline dating institute that helps individuals find right partner. It’s a certified matchmaking service known to have helped several people find their other half.

Top 5 Ways to Get Out of the Friend Zone

As a Professional Matchmaker, I have found that everyone lands in the friend zone at one time or another. It’s a bad place to be and difficult to something more austin - happy coupleget out of. The thing to do is avoid getting there in the first place. You might be surprised to hear that staying out of the friend zone isn’t all that complicated.

Why Guys End Up in the Friend Zone

Before we get into how to stay out of the friend zone, let’s talk a bit about how guys end up there. “Friend zone” is short hand for a lack of sexual interest. This often happens because guys skip past what we call the “banter” stage — a stage of playful flirtation — into the “rapport” stage, a more intimate form of communication.

In the banter stage, your communication is playful, light, joking and flirtatious. You should have the attitude of a young boy or a playful puppy. Banter shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s just two people kidding around with each other.

The rapport stage is where things get more personal. This is where you start talking about where she grew up, what she does for a living and if she likes the bar. The problem with starting here is that it’s a more emotional, less playful form of communication. Thus, you come off more as a trusted friend than a potential sexual partner.

Five Ways You Can Stay Out of the Friend Zone

So you now know you land in the friend zone. Here is my advice as a Professional Matchmaker on how you can stay out of it.

  • 1, Be willing to walk away. This is the big one. After you’ve spent a bit of time talking to her, walk away. Do something else. Go get a drink, hang out with your friends, talk to people, get high fives, whatever. The point is to show that you don’t need her to have a good night. If a girl isn’t showing much interest, don’t be afraid to walk away entirely.
  • 2, Show her that you have sexual interest from other women. If you’re talking to a woman at a bar, don’t be afraid to flirt with other women. Just because you’re talking doesn’t mean you’re dating — it doesn’t even mean you’re going to ask for a number. On the same token, don’t be afraid to mention it if you’re dating other women.
  • 3,Don’t always be available. Being there whenever she needs you is a sure way to end up in the friend zone. You shouldn’t drop everything for someone. You have your own life to live and you should make no apologies for doing so. We advise guys to take twice as long to respond to a text as it took her to respond to yours. That’s just one simple way that you can show her you’re not always available for her.
  • 4, Build sexual tension: All of the above will build sexual tension. Another way to build sexual tension is through playful touching. I always tell guys that they’ll be amazed how fast simple things like touching a woman on the shoulder will escalate things.
  • 5, Don’t be afraid to show interest. If you’re on a date with a woman, she’s already interested. It’s up to you to escalate the situation. Don’t be afraid to express your sexual interest in her

Never Get Friend Zoned Again

After reading this, you’re probably surprised at how easy staying out of the friend zone is. You might even be a little skeptical that you can do it. You can. Guys land in the friend zone because of a very specific set of behaviors. They stay out of it with another set of behaviors. I guarantee that if you follow my matchmaker advice, you’re going to get friend zoned a lot less.

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Something More Austin: Making Matches

When it comes to dating, there is perhaps nothing more important than making a strong and lasting connection, particularly for those with a busy professional lifestyle. Romance can often be difficult to find, though the journey to find your special someone is something that you don’t have to do alone. A number of sites and services have emerged in recent years, those that are dedicated to helping people find love. What is hard to find, however, is the right service, one which can help you find the right match, help you set up great dates, eliminate the potential for games and get you the feedback that you need and deserve.

A great dating service is one that works to successfully connect you with others, while also saving you time in the process. Many of the most well-known websites, however, are filled with hundreds of tedious profiles, and require filtering that can be very time-consuming. Professional Something More dating agents can make a difference for you, and will take on the workload needed to locate the person that’s right for you.

The key is to find out what makes you tick, as well as the type of person you are really looking for. Screening people before they are matched to others is an important part of the matching process, as well as one of the most fundamental steps towards finding the right person. Carefully screening and selecting your matches is a fundamental aspect of an effective matching service, one that will ensure that the best matches made and great dates can be experienced.

Something More of Austin is a matchmaking service that is designed for a mature, professional audience. The singles that have come to this service are focused on finding serious relationships that are long-term in nature. Their clients are busy professionals who have lasting relationships on their mind. Love should pass nobody by, and busy professionals deserve to work with a service that can truly help them find lasting love. Compatible matches and sound advice are a part of this service’s magic formula. Something More is known for its commitment proven techniques, those that successfully filter and locate the best possible matches for every client; handpicking individuals who best meet the professional’s selective criteria, and who assist those that are looking for their perfect match.

Something More Austin: Discover Something More

There is little doubt that many first dates can become extremely awkward. People often don’t know what to say and what to do throughout the course of a date. There is also the aspect of getting to know a person, as well as determining whether they are, in fact, a good match for you. This brings up an interesting challenge, one that includes introductory questions designed to allow each individual discover things about the other over the course of the date itself.

Looking for a match often requires multiple dating sessions and multiple questions, mostly because each individual doesn’t want to find out about something crucial about the other later on, something that may make only serve to tear down the relationship somewhere down the line. When it comes to those with busy professionals who are seeking love and relationships, yet are consumed by hectic, time-consuming professional schedules, there simply often not enough time to work through all of the background information, or to properly vet a potential first date, while simultaneously capturing what may seem like that ever-so-elusive romance.

One interesting modern option that has been around for a number of years is the presence of online dating sites. These dating sites often match individuals based on a number of questions and questionnaires, those that are presented to individuals who wish to describe themselves based on their values are and what they’re looking for. Thanks to massive advertising, awareness of these types of sites is very high in the minds of the public. What people don’t find out until it’s too late, however, is that these types of sites can also be very impersonal. The aspect of asking questions within an online forum, and making statistical matches from those questions, is missing a dimension of couth and discretion for many people. One reason for this is an individual’s expectations. There are many people who come into the online dating game with high expectations, and yet they don’t possess the kind of perspective they need to make a successful and lasting connection.

Many people are now discovering a better, more effective alternative to online dating sites. Introducing Something More, an Austin-based service that is constantly working towards putting people on a path toward love and relationships. They help individuals describe who they are, what they are looking for, and prepare themselves for love.

Something More Austin: A Dating Service Unlike Any Other

Something More is a unique service that is all about making quality, successful and lasting matches between people. Specifically, it is a service that is specifically focuses on both creating successful matches between individuals, those that will lead to lasting relationships. The city of Austin, Texas is a busy hub of activity, and there are many professionals that already struggle with the day-to-day grind of career and commitments. It is out of this professional culture that an opportunity to meet people on a basis of specialized matchmaking has emerged. As many professionals know, it is not difficult to find sites that claim to achieve compatibility based on a number of quiz-style questions. The issue that occurs with this method, however, is the considerable level of client dissatisfaction that occurs with this kind of matching approach, one that tends to not produce the exceptional results people are looking for and deserve. As many know, there are too many gaps between the truth and what people report on these sites.

Busy professionals don’t have time to fool around with misfires that come from a service that operates on this approach. This is where Something More has been making such a difference in people’s lives, something they have successfully done since 2009. Their ultimate goal is to help people find a committed relationship, and the happiness, that they truly deserve.

Each client receives a customized service from the Something More team. The amount of work that goes into not only describing a person, and but also preparing them for a successful match, is considerable. In the spirit of setting proper expectations and a construct for first dates, the initial meetings with one’s match are always scheduled to take place during a weeknight after work. This is attuned with the target audience: busy Austin professionals.

There is also an element of coaching that goes into each client’s service. Individuals that need coaching, particularly when it comes to presenting themselves to a potential match, as well as preparing themselves for an upcoming date, is provided in both a productive and easy-to-follow manner. Helping people, and helping each individual a great match, is what Something More is all about.

Something More Austin: The Austin Professional’s Dating Scene

The capital of Texas may also be the capital of love for executives that are looking to make a match online. Something More is a service that is making matches between individuals that have the same likes and interests in life. It is proving to be a great way to start a relationship that lasts. Getting that initial introduction is an important first step to the dating process. This is why using an off-line matchmaking dating service is so valuable. Executive singles don’t have time to fool around with online games. This professional matchmaking service specializes in finding professionals that match together well. It is done in complete confidence and in a sophisticated manner.

It is important to note that this service is about making matches between people. There are many sites that function as what essentially amounts to be a classified ads model. Something More, however, is focused on helping busy professionals find love. They maintain this focus because they understand that many professionals are consumed by busy schedules, and have only the time, and the interest, in meeting other like-minded individuals. For more than five years, the company has happily placed singles together through their carefully crafted matching system, one composed from hard work and extensive industry knowledge.

One of the main points of pride of the Something More service has always been helping people achieve that ever-so-elusive successful first date. The goal of the first date, for many, is to get to the next date, and that is how the Something More formula works. Relationships are built on a foundation of small steps. In fact, many customers have sought out the Something More difference simply because of their ongoing frustration with online dating sites. The company makes sure to pay special attention to the elements that make a good match for people. All of the questions regarding lifestyle, values, habits and more are asked and analyzed before people are connected in a meeting. This process makes the first meeting all about chemistry, so active professionals can eliminate extraneous questions during this first and ever-so-crucial stage.

The Great Love Debate comes to Austin 9/28/2015

For the second year in a row, Julia McCurley, Austin’s only certified Matchmaker and founder of Something More, will be a panelist for the Great Love Debate, a nationally touring event that puts 100 single men and 100 single women on opposite sides of the room to answer the question “why is everyone still single?”

The event will be held at the Zach Theater on Monday Sept 28th at 7:30 with a fun mix and mingle and match party after the show. greatlovedebate-225x300

WHY IS EVERYONE STILL SINGLE? A unique, interactive Town Hall-style eventwhere leading local experts and an excited, engaged audience will dish, discuss, dissect and debate the current state of the date.

Something More Austin: The Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

Time is a valuable asset these days, and finding the time to volunteer may seem like a daunting task. But carving out even a small amount of time can have a major impact on both the volunteer and the organization receiving the help. Following are several reasons why volunteering is good for the soul:

Volunteering Helps to Foster Connections

Giving time to causes you strongly believe in is a way to connect with like-minded people.Others volunteering their time also believe deeply in the cause and the impact it has in the community. Your time is well spent as you connect with those who seek to make a difference.

The Opportunity to Learn Something New

While you may be the one giving your time, you may also be receiving something in return—new skills. Learning new skills in a field that is unfamiliar is a great benefit; make the most of your volunteer time by embracing any opportunity to learn.

Finding Your Passion

We may not all be able to work at a dream job day to day, but volunteering for a cause that we are passionate about is an option with volunteer opportunities available in virtually every arena. Your volunteer experience may just open the door to your true calling in life, and perhaps even your dream job.

Julia McCurley has had a lifelong interest in volunteering and has devoted her time to many different organizations. Since moving to Austin in 2003, McCurley has donated countless hours to causes she believes in such as the Texas Advocacy Project, the Women’s Symphony League, and the Zachary Scott Theatre Board. She also supports the March of Dimes, Boys and Girls Club, American Heart Association, the Center for Child Protection and the American Cancer Society. McCurley is the owner of Something More Austin, a premier offline matchmaking service.

Why Traditional Matchmaking is Still a Great Option in the Digital Age

We may be in the technological age where anyone can hop online and create a dating profile, but matchmakers still offer a viable way to meet your mate the old fashioned way.  Following are top reasons why a matchmaker may be the best option when looking for that ultimate love connection:


Internet Overload

With all the online options out there for finding a date, getting overwhelmed and frustrated is an easy trap to fall into. Having someone who specializes in the field to personally guide you through the process, can offer a great sense of relief and offer a clearer path to meaningful connections.


Making True Connections

Not only are there a magnitude of dating sites, along with them are an overwhelming amount of profiles to sift through.  Many of these profiles include pictures that don’t truly represent the individual, along with information that isn’t exactly forthcoming. Having a real person who is a professional matchmaker guide you through the process of meeting another real person eliminates much of the deceptive nature of internet dating.


Truly Ready to Commit

Online dating sites offer a great place to start for those wanting to make connections, but as sites have become more prolific, so has the casual nature of many using the sites.  While matchmaking services do come at a cost, those who secure matchmakers are showing their true commitment to finding a partner.  This bodes well for everyone involved in the matchmaking service.


Julia McCurley opened Something More Austin, a professional matchmaking service, in 2009.  McCurley was a successful recruiter for almost two decades when she decided to follow her dream of becoming a professional matchmaker.  McCurley became a Certified Professional Matchmaker through the Matchmaking Institute and soon after opened Something More Austin. After just five years in business, Something More Austin has become a premier offline matchmaking service, offering boutique style services that have helped countless couples create successful relationships.

Texas Advocacy Project

Texas Advocacy Project aims to end domestic violence, sexual and physical assault, and stalking by protecting victims with free legal services.  The group provides services throughout the state of Texas, working with law enforcement, safe shelters, courts and victims to maintain long-term solutions to help end the cycle of violence.

Texas Advocacy Project began in 1982 as a legal hotline, with three lawyers donating their services.  It quickly became clear that domestic violence was the number one reason for calls to the hotline, with women throughout the state seeking legal advice to help with abusive situations.

The project grew to specialize in domestic violence issues and today helps thousands of victims from all backgrounds each year.

Texas Advocacy Project provides critical services to victims by helping them to navigate the legal system free of charge.  Legal protection (such as a restraining order) in the instance of domestic violence, has proven to reduce the instance of a repeat assault by 80%.  All of the services provided by the Texas Advocacy Project aim to empower victims by giving them the tools to incorporate long term solutions in their lives.

Legal services are offered through the following programs: protective order packets, free legal hotlines, technical advocacy, emergency protective order program, Texas Justice Initiative, Teen Justice Initiative, Legal Access Initiative, LGBT Initiative, and Assisted Pro Se Program.

Texas Advocacy Project receives funding through a variety of sources.  Major corporate donors and foundation funders include Accenture, Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation, Attorney General of Texas, Criminal Justice Division, Office of the Governor, RGK Foundation, Shield-Ayres Foundation, the Allstate Foundation, Allstate Insurance Company and the Meadows Foundations. Yearly fundraisers also help to fund the programs and services provided by the Texas Advocacy Project; special events include the Black and White Ball, Handbags for Hope, and this year, Badgers Pint Night. A myriad of private donors also contribute to the Texas Advocacy Projects success at bringing legal services to all those affected by domestic violence.

Julia McCurley has been a volunteer with Texas Advocacy Project for the last five years as both a board member and as the chair of the group’s annual fundraiser, the Black and White Ball.  McCurley is the owner of Something More Austin, a successful boutique matchmaking service.

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